Thursday, September 14, 2006

Who's the official WIZARD of Electronics in your house???

Are you the electronic WIZARD in your house? I am! Do I want to be? Not really. Can I officially claim the title? Well, only here in the Blogs....

Of course, in our house my HUSBAND is the official WIZARD of electronics. After all, he is the one who spends his EVERY WAKING HOUR looking for the NEXT BEST thing! I'm the one who asks, "why do we need that?"

Well, as things usually go, the POWERFULLY PERSUASIVE arguments my husband presents always result in the acquisition of the new piece of technology. (What I mean by this, of course, is that he just goes out and buys what he wants.)

So, here we are...boxes and packing materials strewn from hither to yon - cables and batteries, remotes and instructions (these are usually buried under the pile of "trash").

I sit quietly nearby, watching the master at work.
  • Out comes the TV cabinet
  • Out comes the flashlight
  • Off comes the shirt
  • In goes the stomach (gotta suck in that gut to squeeze back there)
Now, the master is poised to create the masterpiece.
  • He adds the unit to the others in the TV cabinet
  • He plugs in the power cord
  • He curses -- glasses are in the pocket of the shirt he took off as he prepared for this "trick"
  • He decides squeezing back out to get the glasses is too much work
  • He connects all the cables to the "holes"
  • He squeezes back out
  • He grabs the REMOTE
  • He heads to the couch
And here is where the MAGIC really begins
  • He pushes the button on the remote
  • He curses (the sound isn't coming through)
  • He pushes another button on the remote
  • He curses again (still no sound)
  • He gets UP from his throne (oh, I'm sorry, the couch) and moves CLOSER to the TV
  • He pushes the button on the remote
  • He curses again (still no sound -- even though he is now only 12 inches from the TV!)
Three is the MAGIC number
  • I spring into action
  • "I'll just check to make sure the connections are tight"
  • I squeeze behind the TV cabinet
  • I look at the curiously (but improperly) configured cables
  • I rearrange the cables, and
  • He pushes the button on the REMOTE
  • He WHOOPS with GLEE

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