Sunday, September 24, 2006

For every thing -- jcarolek

Today I was practicing with the rest of the choir for my best friend's upcoming wedding. One song she has requested is the Parable..the one from which the Byrds made their hit, Turn, Turn, Turn. The words hit me today, in a way I least expected and I could not sing. I could still play, but the tears, choking off my voice and running down my face made it impossible to sing. Why is it that sometimes a song, one which I have sung a thousand times, can bring me to such depths of emotion? Yes, the week has been a hard one, and perhaps I should have anticipated this, but it caught me by surprise, nonetheless.

I have found over the years that even little nursery rhymes can hit me and make me choke up. One such is a little piece from Winnie the Pooh, When We Were Six. I used to love to read it to my brothers when we were all very young, and can remember it to this day...with cadence and all:

"King John was not a good man

He had his little ways,

And sometimes noone spoke to him

For days and days and days.

And men who came across him

While walking in the square

Gave him a supercilious stare

Or passed with noses in the air

And poor King John stood sadly there

Blushing beneath his crown."

I know I had to have been about eleven the last time I read that, and yet. the words often run through my head, and choke me up. He was so sad, King John...but then I remember the good ending and I can smile again.

What is it about the words, so tightly tied to memories that stirs emotions so deep and yet seemingly forgotten?

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