Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Queen of Stale News -- jcarolek

Do you have a “Queen of Stale News?”

When my daughter was about three, she LOVED company. It didn’t matter who or why they had come to the door, once in the house, they were regaled with ALL the important things this little child with a big vocabulary could remember…she reeled off her list, as if she were the news announcer on the T.V.

One day, my brother Tim, having visited only the night before, came over for dinner. He rang the doorbell (which apparently was my daughter's countdown…OK in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..) I opened the door and his foot barely crossed the threshold before Jen launched in.

“Hi Uncle TIM!!
Mommy took Stephen to the doctor, cuz he can’t walk cuz he hurts
Daddy took Lady to the farm so she can run
We got a new car
Mommy made me a new dress
Mommy made cookies
Daddy got mad at Stephen, cuz he wouldn’t eat his peas…”

My poor brother, smiled as he endured the current round of, “as Jen sees it” (an almost word-for word repeat of the night before) and when she FINALLY paused to catch her breath, he tousled her hair and said,

“Hey there, Jen, how is my little Queen of Stale News?”

She BEAMED up at him and said, ever so politely,


I remember being driven crazy by this greeting method! Today, I LOVE talking with Jen on the phone…she still is great about updating me on her news, but I rarely get the repeats of yesterday’s news!

If you have such a queen living amongst you, enjoy her! One day, she is sure to become a lot less willing to share….but then….she will cross that magic line and become your Queen of Current Events!

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