Monday, September 11, 2006

Stories from my former life -- jcarolek

When my son was in 9th grade (freshman in highschool) he went to NYC with the high school marching band. I went on the trip as a chaperone...more stories about that later....

The trips was great. We saw Les Mis and Phantom on Broadway. On the last full day in NYC, the kids all had to decide which of the two buses they wanted to go on...

Bus A -- Heading to FAO Schwartz

Bus B -- Heading for the Metropolitan Museum of Art

75% of the kids decided on FAO Schwarz.

My son chose the MET.

I was surprised (and secretly proud of my son, who clearly understood the importance of what he was going to see).

Well, we had a great time, but I kept wondering why he had made the selection he had.

When we met back up with the other bus, the kids all had tons of toys and Steve turned to me and asked, "where did they go?". I told him it was a HUGE toy store....FAO Schwartz...

He looked at me and said, "I thought they said FAO SHORTS! I didn't think I was interested in going to a store that sold SHORTS!!!!"

Yeah, my son...yeah, I know...the apple doesn't roll too far from the compost pile!!!

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