Monday, September 18, 2006

The transformation -- jcarolek

At 21 years old, my daughter knew what was what and what she wanted. She had landed a great job (by her standards, not mine) in Charlottesville, VA. She wanted to find a place to live, where she could have her cat and maybe a dog. She wanted some room, some space. One day in January, she told me she'd found a cabin she could rent for, well, a reasonable monthly rent. I was happy for her. I helped her pack all her belongings from the tiny townhouse in Richmond into the U-Haul, and off we went.

Now the early part of the year in Charlottesville can be downright chilly, and I'm thinking, cool, log cabin, rustic, in the mile from work, but remote...probably has a woodburning stove...need to remind her of fire safety...etc, etc,

Imagine my surprise when she directs me down a barely passable road, past a fair number of "shacks" to her "cabin"....the second to smallest of the 12-14 structure in them there woods! Now, I must say, I have seen better structures at Boy Scout Camp, but, she was all excited and who was I to tell my grown daughter that maybe a door that had a handle (rather than an eye bolt with a hook on the inside and a padlock in the outside) was more the defining characteristic of "home" as opposed to "camp?"

I took photos, and we laughed as we unloaded all her junk. I left her in a SEA of "belongings", and headed back to Gloucester. One month later, I took the three hour trip to see her, and was amazed at the transformation.

cabin front door cabin "living room"

transformed living room  

living room taken from loft

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