Monday, September 18, 2006

Iron Rules

I remember when I was a little girl...very little...I couldn't wait to be ALLOWED to iron, just like my older sister. I was 5, she was 6. Yes, my mother believed in teaching her youngsters ALL the necessary skills, at an early age.

Age 6 - Daddy's handkerchiefs

Age 7 - Pillow cases
Age 8 - Linen hand towels and dish towels
Age 9 - Skirts
Age 10 - Shirts
Age 11 - Everything under the SUN

OK, I suppose this might have been typical (if early) for a lot of young ladies learning the fine art of ironing. But my mother didn't limit this FUN to her two eldest (girls). Every one of the four boys was indoctrinated into the Hallowed Halls of the Ironing Board.

Ironing was just one of the many chores my mother hoodwinked us into believing was FUN.

She had an official JOB board which consisted of a bulletin board to which she had thumb tacked ALL the household and yard chores. These were pretty small pieces of paper and, in two columns, stretched from the top of the board to the bottom. Every day when we got home from school, we had to first check the JOB BOARD to see whose name she had assigned to which chores that day.

In the early days, my mother enjoyed a fair amount of success with her FUN EVENTS....

It wasn't long before we figured it out...she was our boss and work wasn't really all that fun!

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