Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Follies

This will be  short post, word-wise.  I am limited to a single hand for typing, and, though my typing is never great, one handed typing is particularly ugly!  Still, I think the pictures will tell the story.
Loading hay into the barn
 Building new goat pen

Installing new goat sheds

Installing rain gutters in barns

Surprise baby rabbits born June 4

Many days of burning brush piles



Two hens going broody together


Ripe gooseberries

Yucca in bloom

Grapes -- the vines are loaded

Spinach going to seed, kohlrabi growing

Judy picking berries


First baby chicks hatched June 16

Mamas and babies

Babies digging along with Mamas

Eggs still incubating

Installed newly made mantle and hearth

Puppies -- Almost 6 months old

Joe finished -- yes FINISHED the trim painting and caulking

Volunteer sunflowers

Old high school friend and her husband
 came to the farm to visit

Fresh fruit cobbler

Mean looking lizard -- he bites!


9 day old baby bunnies


18 day old bunnies


Finished stairs in old farmhouse

First planned pregnancy was successful --
11 baby rabbits born June 28

Jenn on her 30th birthday,
with the delightful Miss Eloise
Yes, I broke my wrist on Friday

So, now for a little explanation and a cool story.

Friday, late afternoon, when I had the puppies out for their evening run, one of them plowed into me as she was obediently returning to their yard... a quick trip to the ER later and the broken left wrist was confirmed.

God works in mysterious ways, indeed.

Splinted and awaiting my Monday appointment with the orthopedic doctor, I have been dealing with a fair amount of pain, but have been dealing with even more frustration. One handed cooking, cleaning, bathing, changing clothes, putting long hair up, feeding dozens of farm animals.... well, suffice to say that by Saturday afternoon I had determined that attendance at church today, much less singing with the choir, was out of the question.

I called my choir director to let her know my decision (translated -- to whine and garner sympathy) and she assured me they'd survive without me, and encouraged me to return when I was ready.

This morning I awoke after a rather restless night. I decided to try to do as much as I could one handed. Amazingly, I was able to do EVERYTHING I needed to do, including putting up my long hair. After I finished feeding all of the critters, I decided God was sending me a message that not only COULD I drive to church but I SHOULD do so.

As I sang with the choir, unable to play the guitar, I took the opportunity to actually look out into the congregation. I spied a lady standing in the pews farthest from me. She reminded me of one of my friends dating back to elementary school. Long story shorter.... the lady I saw was my grade school friend. She, her husband and her mother were in town visiting her brother who is building a house nearby.

To put things in perspective, I don't think I've seen Debbie since we graduated high school in 1976 in Bowie, MD. She and her husband now live in New Jersey. They had no way of knowing I go to the church they decided to visit this morning, and it was even more interesting that they opted for the 10:30 Mass, rather than the 8AM one.

It was a true delight to meet again as adults and we look forward to visiting with them at our farmette when they return to the area for a vacation at the end of July....

I say it was a marvelous day.

And so, though I have taken the week off from work so we can FINALLY move into the now completed rehabbed old farmhouse, operating with a broken wrist will likely delay our move, beyond the week....