Sunday, September 3, 2006

Stories From My Former Life -- another entry

When my children were very young, I made most of their clothes. In the evening, after putting them to bed, I would sew an outfit for my daughter or a shirt for my son, etc. I usually completed the item I started before heading to bed myself, as I was never sure how soon I'd get back to it, should I leave it incomplete.

So, one night I made a cute little blouse and skirt for my daughter...then four years old. I laid it out on the coffee table, knowing that she would see it as soon as she passed through the living room on her way to our bedroom in the morning (this was her routine...please read related entry Stories From My Former Life).

Sure enough, the next morning, Jen came padding into our room, entirely delighted.

"Mommy, Mommy!"
"Wake UP!!!!"

I had to laugh! I still think of that day when I make her items (now by special request, of course)!

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