Friday, May 2, 2008

What are you Doing? -- jcarolek

I was squatting down, looking at the weeds that covered that hillside in Berkeley. My friends were also exploring the lookout over the town from this vantage point and snapping pictures as they visited. I, having yet to have adopt the "camera in my pocket for all occasions" posture, was in my own little world of investigations.

"What are you doing?" my friend asked as I was holding a purple weed very close to my good eye and peering through it to the landscape below.

Maybe a little embarrassed, I explained what I was doing, experimenting with how things looked "through" the flower. I don't know what I expected, but my friend took the little purple weed that had captured my fancy and began taking photographs.

When I transfered the photos to the computer I was amazed at what my friend had captured. It was as if I had been the camera, for my vision was captured perfectly.

Tonight as I continued my editing of photos from my recent trip to CA, I smiled when I saw the little purple weed. I'm guessing it is rarely the subject of such intense focus, and yet, and yet, it stood up admirably to the challenge to which I subjected it. And it, well, to be honest, my friend's willingness to explore MY interest IN it, provided me with not only a lovely memory of a perfect afternoon and evening, but with a rather unique and intriguing view of "nature through nature."

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