Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Four Guys and Me -- jcarolek

Today, though I did not know it when I awoke and started working in my office at 3 AM, I was to have an office full of action. Yes, that's right. My little 10 X 12 room that serves as my home office for my real work, my eBay shipping center, my upstairs eBay blogging headquarters, and my occasional nap-time place on the futon, was to be invaded by a team of four guys installing my new 2 1/2 ton AC/heat pump unit.

Now, to be honest, it all started off innocently enough at about 7:30 AM. Killian alerted us to the fact that no-good delivery types were approaching and had the audacity to actually drive their vehicle into HER territory. I rewarded her decision to try to bite their tires, in eager anticipation of ankles soon to be descending to the ground, by collaring her and escorting her to her "time out" in the kennel...in the house...poor dog! Only two guys started the task of removing my degenerate AC unit and replacing it with the A-student model. They looked a little nervous when I opted to capture their efforts on digital media. But they soon grew used to my snapping pictures here and there.

Sure, I also snapped some of the curious growth on a nearby tree stump.

And I marveled as I spied the first bloom of my flowers that look a lot like black-eyed-susans but are not, and whose name starts with an R.... some kind of Daisy...and so, of course, I captured that as well...but I digress.

Shortly before lunch, the two, now working in the attic whose access is gained through the hole in my office ceiling, announced that they had called in reinforcements to help them get the job done. It seems this unit is MUCH bigger and MUCH heavier than the one they removed. And so it was that my office, this little 10 X 12 space, was suddenly filled with five of us! Of course, only four were working on the task at hand, while one of us was pretending to do REAL work whilst snapping pics of the REAL fun!

And so it was that, 8 1/2 hours after they began their task, they left me with a new AC unit, a lot of pics and a very relieved dog. When the guy who checks up on the work was saying good-bye, I mentioned that I had proof his guys work hard. He laughed and said, "yeah, they told me....it's not EVERYDAY that the homeowner snaps pictures of the AC guys doing the work!"

"Really?" I said, but, they were working so hard! There SHOULD be documentation of their efforts!"

Well, at any rate, my pocketbook might be a little lighter (a LOT LIGHTER) and I might STILL be grumbling about that dastardly AC unit that couldn't see fit to walk the straight and narrow and HAD to be replaced, but I had fun today and it seems they did too. (They kept assuring me I was not getting their "best side"...I did not dare ask...I just assured them, I'd take what I could get!

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