Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hugely Inappropriate -- jcarolek

So, I thoroughly enjoy playing the guitar in our choir. I especially enjoy playing when our other guitarist (the one who can actually PLAY) is there. Today was such a day. And, as usual, we had fun, not only playing the music, but bantering with each other.

Trey's mother is our choir director. As we prepared to practice one of the songs, she declared, "OK, we need to decide who is going to sing what."

Being the general smart alack I am, I piped up with, "I will sing all of the C's".
Our choir director bantered back, "is that all the "c" notes, or all the words "sea?"
My response, "I will sing all words "sea" on note "c"....everything will be "c level."

And JUST when I thought the silliness was over, Trey piped up with, "the ironic thing is, Judy can't "see." (thank you Trey)

Meanwhile, as menopause is my current state of residence, I am forever taking off my jacket, and then, in two minutes when I am once again freezing, putting my jacket back on. Trey helped me with it on several occasions as I struggled to remove it, without tangling myself in my guitar strap ... at one point he suggested that I needed a cape, rather than a jacket. But when, before the service actually started, the announcements were read and we were, as always, invited to greet those sitting around us, so that there would be no strangers amongst us, I turned to Trey and introduced myself, "Hi, I'm Hot!"

He laughed and chided me, "Judy, that's HUGELY INAPPROPRIATE! My wife is sitting RIGHT THERE!" And the two of us were into our typical tough to control giddiness, that we MUST reign in before the service begins.

Playing the guitar, singing the songs, and thoroughly enjoying the people makes my day, every single time. And today was no exception. I hope you had a day with at least one silly laugh.

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