Friday, May 2, 2008

Beehives -- jcarolek

A few years back I was amused to read about a competition to be held here in little old Gloucester. I knew that the local "paper", you know, that one that gets published every now and then, but on no apparent schedule, is called the Beehive, but never realized it had some historical tie to this area. The competition made it clear that we ARE the beehive, county??? still not clear on THAT one.

Nevertheless, someone made a LOT of money manufacturing big beehives and local businesses and residents purchased them, painted them and entered them into the competition. It was BIG news around here....everyone was BUZZING with opinions on the most creative, etc. etc. I mostly watched and laughed....could they be SERIOUS??? Well apparently they were quite serious, and their little fund raiser (don't recall the beneficiary) was rather successful.

On the week of the judging, all newly painted beehives were lined up on both sides of Main Street and everyone was encouraged to vote. (I don't think I did, because I was still stunned by the whole thing.) Nevertheless, it was quite a sight to see, more than 100 of these beehives lining the streets!

After the judging, and the prize awards, the final fund raising leg was the auctioning of the beehives to the highest bidders. Again, I pondered, what would one DO with such an acquisition? So, no, while I am all for a worthy cause, and I DO think there was a worthy cause that benefited from this whole beehive of activity, I did not bid, opting, rather, to simply contribute to the fund, without burdening myself with yet another unneeded "material" souvenir.

Yesterday, as I drove home through town, I was reminded of this competition...of more than seven years ago, I am certain. For in some of the front yards stand the now somewhat faded, but once coveted beehives....and I had to laugh. So, THAT'S what one does with these things! And I wonder what travelers who make their way to Gloucester think when they see these beehives.....

Have a great day, and I hope you are both BUSY and productive!

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