Sunday, May 18, 2008

She Wears It Well -- jcarolek

OK, I admit it. I'm being lazy! I'm up here in one of Dad and Lynne's guest bedrooms, while everyone else is downstairs eating breakfast, going for morning walks etc....I am editing photos from yesterday's party before heading down to help get ready for today's party. Yesterday was a lot of fun, highlighted by none other than the birthday girl herself.

My mother is a "knitter" and she loves to knit for others. She was quite anxious to see how Alicia, her now 21 year old granddaughter would like the present she had made her. We all dutifully came in from the deck, where the grill was still offering the pleasant aromas of the marinated meat cooked there and the conversation centered around the newly indoctrinated into the "legal drinking age," to watch Alicia open her gifts. (Mom is less mobile than most of the rest of us, so we move the party to HER rather than asking her to come to the party.)

I'm not sure what Alicia was expecting when she opened the lovely package. However, with a mid-May birthday, and temperatures already in hte 80's, my guess is she was NOT expecting a knitted shawl, belt and ...................................... HAT!!!! LOL...I had to laugh as everyone tried to help her decide the "proper" way to wear this colorful gift. But it really didn't matter. A beautiful girl with a winning matter how she positions it on her head, she wears it well!

Hope you have a great Sunday.... I will.

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