Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sleeping with the windows open -- jcarolek

When we closed on our newly built house six years ago, we were presented our "home owner's manual." This loose bound notebook of goodies held such things as the warranties for the appliances, the care and keeping of the house in general and the warranty on the house construction itself. As with anything new, we poured over the book, getting acquainted with our abode. All was going along swimmingly when hubby spied the notation that, "these houses were built in such a manner that they should be protected by controlling the interior climate." Basically, the advice offered was that opening the windows should be done ONLY when the outside atmosphere was ideal...low or no humidity being the key factor.

Well, anyone who lives in these parts of VA will know that there are relatively few days in a year when humidity is low AND the weather is conducive to WANTING to have the windows open. So, hubby declared his "no open window" policy. To help ensure compliance with this edict, he instructed the folks who came to complete the "punch list" not to install the window screens.

For six years the screens have resided, neatly stacked against the wall in the shed, and the windows of the house have remained dutifully closed, ensuring compliance with the aforementioned edict, and a happy, climate controlled house interior as promised by the "manual." That is, until Sunday. On Sunday, with the upstairs AC out for the second day, and the upstairs' temperature creeping toward an uncomfortable 90 degrees, I made a stand. I defied both hubby AND the almighty home owner's manual, climbed to the roof of the front porch and the back deck and installed three screens.

Yes, siree, Bob, I was going to have cross ventilation or die trying! Hubby didn't say a word as he held the ladder for me to make my ascent to the roof and my return descent. He didn't offer supervisory "advice" as I struggled with the virgin voyage of the screens into windows unaccustomed to their tight embrace. And he did not cheer with me when I was ultimately successful in my efforts.

Once back inside, I opened the windows and enjoyed the breeze with which my efforts were rewarded. I just KNEW it would decide to thunderstorm or something and I would hear the "I TOLD you SO," from hubby. But it did not. And when, on Monday, the AC folks assured me it would be at least a week before I would have the new AC unit installed, I was VERY pleased I had taken the initiative and defied the "rules!"

At night I get to hear the "woods alive" as I sleep and that is an added treat. I remember sleeping with my windows open for years. There is something very comforting about those night noises. They seem to refresh me.

I'm thinking that when the new AC is installed, and the windows are once again sealed against the accidental entry of the "outside atmosphere," I will have to erect my tent in the woods and take some "vacation camping nights" there!

Hope you had a restful night and your day will be great as a result.

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