Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My favorite April Fool's trick -- jcarolek

The best April Fool's joke I ever saw was about 15 years ago. My then-hubby and I were watching the 10PM news on April Fool's Day and they were interviewing people about the best jokes played on them or that they had played on others. Hubby thought one was so funny, he just HAD to use it.

So right then and there, he hopped up out of his recliner (very few things were worthy of this level of energy exertion) and headed to the kitchen. There, he took a rubber band and proceeded to the sink. There, he pulled the vegetable sprayer up and placed the rubber band around the handle, thereby ensuring the sprayer was in the wide open spray mode. Then, he replaced the sprayer in its innocent position next to the faucet.

Now, with the sprayer properly rigged, he called to our daughter, waking her from her sleep (not an uncommon practice for him.)

“Jen, Jen!”

“What Daddy?” asked my half awake daughter.

“Get me a glass of water!” said he.

So, like a good daughter, she trudged to the cupboard, took out a glass, and turned on the faucet to fill the glass with water….

“DaddY!!!!!!” she screamed as she was assaulted with a full spray of water!

'Daddy' was laughing so hard he could hardly catch his breath. He apologized to his poor, wet daughter and helped get her dried off.

Understand, I had had no say in this “April Fool’s joke.” I could not tell him it was just plain mean. Nevertheless, I did get my best laugh that day when, having gotten Jen tucked back into bed, he walked to the kitchen and absentmindedly grabbed a glass. He proceeded directly to the sink and, you guessed it, right….turned on the water to fill his glass! Yep, I almost wet my pants laughing at him as he got a full face shot from the vegetable sprayer. And there you have it folks. The best joke ever was the one my ex-husband played on himself!

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