Saturday, April 5, 2008

It was a beautiful Wedding -- jcarolek

The "crowd" gathered for the moment of truth...the committing to each other of their love, their dreams and their lives. The crowd was small, to be sure, consisting of the bride and groom themselves, mother of the bride (me), father of the bride, grandparents of the bride, two friends of the the bride/family, and the Justice of the Peace. The ceremony was to be held at the couple's cottage they rent in Louisa, VA, a beautifully rural town near Charlottesville.

Jen had selected her "spot" as a rock out in the field behind their cottage.....we "walked" the several football field lengths through the soft, bramble covered terrain, and I only lost my shoes about eight times! LOL. Even one of the landlord's dogs joined us for the ceremony!

The dress Jen had selected was an "old ladies night robe" that she had secured from Goodwill for $3.50 and had transformed into her vision of her bridal gown. Accented with a antique parasol she secured for an additional $7.50, she made a beautiful bride...ok, perhaps I am biased, but I thought so! And, with her handsome Benoit, and their easy smiles, they made lovely pictures!

I give to you the newlyweds......

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