Monday, April 21, 2008

Even squirrels -- jcarolek

Nothing was out of scope for my camera on my recent California excursion. Not even the squirrels who inhabit the park were too common to be overlooked. As I make my way through more than 3000 digital images captured by me and my friends during the past two weeks I find myself laughing at some of the less suspecting subjects of our focus.

One of the little fellows that caught my interest was a furry little squirrel who seemed completely oblivious to me. I snapped at least a dozen shots of him as he went about his everyday business, leaving the observation of the inspirational views of Yosemite to me. And little did he know that his very existence was part of that inspiration for me. The grand and the common. The magnificence and the simplicity in nature. The reminder that without one, the other would be unrecognizable.

Bridges built to join worlds of wonder, to allow those who happen by another path to choose and another vantage point from which to witness the beauty that is -- these too are of interest to me and became the subject through my viewfinder. Dark and light, contrasting images, inviting me to explore, explore, explore some more, and I did, and I will.

Today I return to my regular "work-a-day" world and these more carefree days will be tucked into my memory for refreshing moments when my brain needs a stress break. And I will be reminded that even as I focus on the troublesome, the mundane, and the difficult tasks presented as part of my regular course of life, I am able to stop and enjoy the beauty of life every now and then. And a reminder that I MUST do so more often.

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