Saturday, April 5, 2008

Yesterday we remembered and laughed (again) -- jcarolek

Yesterday was the first time I had spent any real amount of time with my ex-husband in ten years. Similarly, it was the first time in those same ten years that my dad and step mom had spent any time with him. And, of course, over those many years, certain things are forgotten....the way he says his words...the urgency with which he approaches everything, and the impatience he has with others.... mostly, I like to remember the better qualities. And yesterday was Jen's day and we happily attended her simple, but lovely wedding.

As we headed out the door to make the journey through the pasture to the rock upon which the wedding ceremony was to be held, James, (my ex) told Jen she should ditch the umbrella, because it wasn't raining. "No," we all agreed. That is not an umbrella, it's a parasol! And it will look great with her wedding "gown."

"Oh," he said, almost to himself, "a parasol....."

He then turned to his friend Richie who was also there for the wedding and said, "there's a story about a parasol..."

We all laughed, because we ALL knew that has been a favorite of mine for many years, and is one that need only be referenced by the punchline in my family....and we all get tickled. I have told it here before, but, thought it might be fun to share it again, in light of the parasol wedding yesterday.

My first husband once went to borrow a circular saw from our landlord.

He left our trailor and a little while later returned with a look of consternation on his face. -- He was holding a black umbrella.

He said, "I think Frank must be drunk!"

I asked why he thought so and he said," I asked him for a power saw and he hunted around and handed me this umbrella!".

I laughed until I was my husband's DE accent, his request for a "power saw" sounded like "parasol!"

Well, I have to say, regardless of his less favorable traits, he has always been good natured when subjected to good-hearted teasing and yesterday was no exception. He laughed right along with everyone.

Jen and Benoit with the Justice of the Peace

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