Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wedding Vowels -- jcarolek

Tonight I had dinner with my daughter, son and hubby. As we sat eating our meal at the restaurant, we chatted about Justice of the Peace presided marriages. Jen wanted to know whether when getting married by the Justice of the Peace, the couple had to say vows, or just sign a piece of paper.

Well, I began to answer, explaining what I knew about it, and listening to Jen’s thoughts about writing their own vows, when all of a sudden my son started laughing. It turns out he had misheard the question. He did not understand why Jen wanted to know whether the marrying couple had to say their “vowels” in order to be married by the JP!

Well, we had a good laugh. We decided that when Jen and Benoit make their way to the JP (this is their current plan, and then to follow it up with a “real” wedding in a year or so) they should tell the JP they want to read their own vowels, which they will have carefully written out on their paper.

It might be the shortest marriage of all time…

A E I O U…I now pronounce you husband and wife!

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