Saturday, April 14, 2007

She was such a timid little girl -- jcarolek

Today I sang and played guitar at the wedding of a lovely young lady to her chosen young man. I sing and play at many such events and I have seen different approaches to this ritual of union. But today I was struck by several things.

This young lady, Michelle, had been in my daughter’s first Brownie troop…I have known her since she was five.
She has always been a tiny, timid little girl, who stammered when asked to decide ANYTHING…be it grape jelly or strawberry, orange juice or milk, she stood tongue tied, shrinking back into herself.
For the first three years I knew Michelle, I rarely heard her say a word…her best friend Jennifer ALWAYS spoke for her.
The only place I saw her act completely confident was on the stage in her dance routines, for dancing was her “sport.”

Today, rather in contrast to the timid little girl I had always known, I saw a confident young lady, who, having completed her Master’s Degree in Education and nearly finished her first full year of teaching, stood before her family and community and looked into the eyes of the young man she had chosen and who had chosen her. And, with a voice I had never before heard, with a confidence that rang true, she said her vows, promising, in her clear, lovely voice, those things that will allow their union to stand strong.

Yes, before my very eyes, the most timid of my daughter’s friends had grown into a confident, lovely young lady, clear not only in her CHOICE, but in her promise to make her choice work.

After the ceremony, and after all the photos had been taken, as the invited guests sat enjoying small talk at the tables in the reception hall, a hush fell as Michelle and Benny entered the room, for the first time introduced as husband and wife. The music began to play, a lovely schmaltzy waltz, and they danced…Benny, clearly learning the passion of his wife, smiled as he concentrated on the steps she had taught him, and Michelle, always most comfortable in this expression of self, filled the hall with her passion.

I have never been so moved by a wedding for someone to whom I am not related than I was by this one. I learned a good lesson in the process. Even the most timid will eventually find the words to declare with confidence that which they most desire. The passion must be there, but it will happen.

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