Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Truly a delight -- jcarolek

Good morning all from windy, gloomy, Northern VA. I arrived safely yesterday afternoon and shared a wonderful night with my daughter…she’s still sleeping…I will head out to my all-day meeting in just a little while, but wanted to share some of my daughter’s photos of her adventures with you.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and make many sales, find fabulous buys, or meet a new friend in the blogs.

For me, being able to see my daughter, even for just a few hours, is truly a delight!

Benoit in the trees on his parent's land (France)

Jen making a meal in Benoit's apartment (Toulouse)

Benoit in comparison to the smart car in France...

Benoit in the forefront, Jen and friend on steps (France)

Sheep are everywhere (France)

Bulls are everywhere (Spain)

Benoit and Jen on the "quad" on his parents' land (France)

Jen and her friend Bre in Queens, NY preparing to leave to travel to NJ on Sunday during the Noreaster.

Picture taken from the taxi in Hoboken, NJ as Jen arrived to meet her dad...

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