Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sad and Happy -- jcarolek

Last night my daughter returned from a bonfire where she had visited with my son, their dad and a family friend for the last time before she headed back to CA. She arrived back at my house around 10 PM. She and I had a great time. I introduced her to the new cat, Benson and she spent some “quality time” with our dog, Killian, who loves Jen to death!

And then, Jen and I just sat and talked, and talked and talked.

Though she is doing well in CA, she has decided she wants to return to the East coast before the end of the year…..and she was not looking forward to returning to CA today. She said if she could pack me into her suitcase, she would be fine going back! LOL. I guess I will get busy looking for another ticket out to San Francisco in the very near future! Luckily, she only has to wait two more months until her boyfriend graduates and flies back to the US for a couple of months!

She and I slept in the guest room on the double bed, where we chatted until we fell asleep around 2:00 AM. This morning when we packed her up to go, she asked if she could take with her one of the tie blankets I had made. Of course, she could, and so, with a hug, and a cuddly fleece tie blanket, I sent my daughter back on her way to CA for a little while longer.

I can honestly say, though I had only a couple nights with my her on this trip, those nights were fabulous. My lovely, talented daughter is maturing into a young lady, more and more certain of who she is and what she wants out of life, and what it takes to get there. She will always be my adventurer, and will continue to provide me entertainment as she tells me of her adventures.

And one day, I know she will make a wonderful mother and I will embark on a whole new adventure…that of being a grandmother! Of course, this is some time well in the future…but…I just got to thinking!

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