Thursday, April 26, 2007

Imagination -- jcarolek

Tonight I was thinking about my brother Ted. No particular reason. He just popped into my brain. I was thinking about the time I returned home from college to discover he was sporting a rather large “bandage” on his face. It turns out it was whatever they used to “fix” a broken nose.

Now, I asked my brother, “How did you break your nose?” He went into a lengthy explanation (yes, the genes MANDATE our giving lengthy explanations) about how he had been playing football with some friends and had gone out to intercept a pass, and run into a tree….breaking his nose.

Well, of course, most football fields are not laid out with trees as strategic “traps” so I had to ask, “Huh???” It turns out, the explanation was quite simple.

He and his friends had been playing football with an imaginary ball, at dusk, in the neighbor’s landscaped (with trees) yard. Yes, friends, you heard me right, Ted broke his nose going out to intercept an imaginary football, at dusk! I have always wondered how he would have known if he had actually intercepted the ball…..

Ahhhhh…the good old days of the 14 year olds!

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