Tuesday, July 1, 2008

San Diego is nice too -- jcarolek

Last night we went to eat, my brother and his family and my friend and I. And it was nice. We shared a meal in a Mexican restaurant and shared stories of long ago and recent experiences. And we laughed. My brother clarified that my loud and sometimes embarrassing cackle of a laugh is simply a family characteristic....we shared a cackle over that too.

At one point, a three member "band" swung by our table and asked if we had requests. We suggested a couple and our requests were met with disdain...guess we don't know the "right" requests. Nevertheless, they eventually started playing a song that they knew (not one we requested), and amazingly, as so often happens to me, I was thrown back in time.

I don't know the name of the song, but it was a song my father used to sing to us when we were kids -- the ONLY song I recall him singing in Spanish. And it brought back a memory of my brother Tim and myself. He and I were walking somewhere one day when we lived in England. He was probably nine and I was ten. And we decided we would be able to convince "the public" that we were Spanish, by "talking" the lines of the song to each other, in conversational tone. We had a blast doing our Spanish impersonation and were completely oblivious to the fact that our efforts were to no real avail, as we passed nobody who COULD have been impressed with our linguistic prowess! But we laughed and delighted ourselves, and that was really what it was all about.

And I had forgotten that moment until last night with the grouchy band who couldn't put us in a bad mood with their less than customer-friendly attitudes...despite their best efforts, they managed to trigger a warm memory. And, the discussion of that memory, led to more discussion of other fun memories....

Another good time....great seeing Ray and the family!

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