Friday, July 4, 2008

Paris Hilton and Tsunamis -- jcarolek

San Diego was fun...and not so fun, depending on how one grades such things. I had a wonderful visit with my brother and his family and did a little sightseeing. My friend and I did not know where we were going much of the time and we ended up seeing things by accident that we would never have planned as part of our San Diego adventure. The Border Patrol dudes on the four-wheelers, wearing ski masks, flying along the steep dirt "roads" was a very interesting sight to me. Being informed that we were driving where only foot and horse traffic was permitted (not marked in any way, I might add) was curious, especially because, when asked how we COULD get to see the ocean, these same guys told us to drive to a place that was CLEARLY marked no-trespassing and just walk through the opening to the side of the locked gates....yeah, right! Whatever!

So, along the way, we saw a few interesting signs. One of these signs informed us that we were in a Tsunami zone, and that flooding was a distinct possibility. Again, I found this odd, considering there were numerous neighborhoods erected in this zone.....but what do I know?

Wednesday I met Paris...."you know, like Paris Hilton," the little boy who was accompanying her on her walk informed me. And Paris and the little boy were both quite engaging. And I had fun as I experimented with my camera's zoom features, capturing some interesting scenes at the harbor.

That night, after a long day out exploring, we returned to my hotel, fully intending to have a jam session. There, as we parked the car, we witnessed some activity in my hotel room. Odd, it appeared they were removing the two beds from the room. Thinking that perhaps we had counted the room numbers wrong, we headed up to my room to see. Sure enough, my room was devoid of beds, and all of my belongings, including my three laptops I was now carrying, were thrown to the sides of the room. And EVERYTHING was wet! I had no real appreciation for the damage a little water can do in such a short period of time, until I saw the computers. So, the next 24 hours my friend and I spent drying out my junk and filing claims for the damages....UGH.... One of the computers was and remains completely dead...the other two are limping along.

So last night, after the things were as dry as we could get them, we set out for Fresno, and more (hopefully) good adventure. My plans had been to see what I could see on Fourth of July in the way of California fireworks, and we did see some last night as we made the drive north. But I wonder whether there will be much tonight, considering the fires they have been fighting in these regions in recent weeks. Nevertheless, we will (I hope) have a good jam session tonight. My guitar and soft case were also victims of the non-Tsunami hotel flood, but they have dried out sufficiently to jam....

Hope you have a wonderful Independence Day....

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