Thursday, July 10, 2008

About squares, perfect and otherwise -- jcarolek

In just a little while I will no longer be perfect. Yes, I know it is very hard to believe, especially for those who have had the opportunity to actually "experience" me during this past year, but this was one of my very few years of perfection. My first year of perfection was when I was 1, the second when I was 4, the third when I was 9, the fourth when I was 16, the fifth when I was 25, the sixth when I was 36....and this most recent, the one that is fast coming to a close, the year I was 49.

Anyone looking at this pattern, a pattern, incidentally that is consistent for all of us, not just me, will notice that our years of perfection, at least in the sense of perfect "squares" grow farther and farther apart. My next opportunity for perfection comes at age 64 (I, like the Beatles, wonder if anyone will still need me or feed me then), and, if I am very lucky, I will live long enough to experience two more after that...but I think that might just be a bit of wishful thinking. Still, it was an interesting year of perfection. (If only everyone would have been properly informed of my perfect status, it would have been SO much easier, but that's the way these things go).

So with the natural progression of time, I crawl back into the world of not-so-perfect squares and continue on my journey toward my next opportunity. And as I look around me, I notice there are many making their transition from not-so-perfect to perfect squares themselves, and I suppose this is all good.

I consider my luck, really, in being human. Were I a dog, for example, I would be lucky to experience but a single year of perfection...if I accept that dog years equal seven human years...for a dog to achieve perfection on human terms, he would need to be 7 years old, making him 49 in human years....making him perfect.....

But these are just the idle ramblings of a soon-to-be "over-the-hiller" so don't mind me....the bunny who was busy helping keep the weeds at bay when I arrived home this afternoon didn't pay me any mind as I snapped his fact...just BECAUSE he was aware of my year of perfection, and that it was coming to an end...he held perfectly still for me...I'm almost certain of it! Oh, and I think perfection is over-rated anyway...(says she as she leaves her most recent opportunity for perfection...)

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