Thursday, July 24, 2008

Last NIght -- jcarolek

Last night I dreamed I was in a house off a main road in some small town... I don't think it was in Gloucester, because nothing really looked familiar. But I was in this house alone, as I had been several times fact, I was coming to believe it was MY place to hang out. There was something very comfortable about the house.
It was a small house, with only four rooms, and each of those rooms was small. There was a small, soft bed in the bedroom and I liked to just lie down and take a nap there.... nobody knew I was there and it was so soft and comfortable. The rest of the house is not as clear in my waking mind, but that bedroom is very clear, and that was where I found myself enjoying a few stolen minutes of complete quiet, more and more often.

One day, when I was asleep in the bed, the owner came

home. I was awakened by his indignant discovery of my presence, uninvited, in his house..... I stammered as I tried to explain that I had just been passing by one day and saw some things for sale out on the sidewalk in front of his house. Nobody was around and I wanted to find out the price on one of the items, a basket, so I tried knocking on the door, presuming the person with the goods for sale was inside the little house. When nobody answered, I tried the door and found it to be unlocked.

Once I was inside the house and determined nobody was home, I knew I should have left. In fact, I knew I should have never entered...but something had drawn me there and I could not turn back. I did not tamper with anything in the house...I just looked around. And when I saw the bed, I had to try it out. I felt, I guess, as Goldilocks must have felt that day in the house left empty by its inhabiting bears.

I explained that this bed was just so comfortable that I had to keep coming back...just for a couple of minutes... just for that total peace and quiet it offered me.... But I also apologized for my trespassing and promised not to return. He just kept staring at me.... looking at me in a funny way, like he KNEW me..... and I had the funny feeling I knew him, though we'd never met before.

As I was walking out of the door, the door that led back to the sidewalk with the interesting basket for sale, but without a price, I asked him how much he wanted for that basket. He told me to wait a moment and he went back into the bedroom. When he returned he had picture of someone who he said he had never before met. He said the picture was in the basket when he picked it up off the side of the road, where someone had left it as trash. He had thought the basket worth a few dollars and had thought he'd sell it, but the photo was not worth anything...he'd tossed that in HIS little trash bin... in the bedroom....

I looked at the photo and was stunned... though I had never owned the clothes the woman wore, the woman in the photo was my spitting image. The man gave me the basket and told me to come back whenever I wanted...I was welcome to use the bed....that we all need peace and quiet, and he was happy I had found comfort there.....

As I awoke from my dream, I was trying to figure out where on earth HE was going to sleep, if I was taking a nap in that little bed!

Now, what on earth ANY of that means, I have no idea... but I felt I knew that guy.... I still have that feeling and I have been awake now for more than 16 hours....

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