Saturday, August 7, 2010

Photos and Memories -- Tie-Dyed Sunflowers

I was scanning through the past few days of photos, which, if you are familiar with the shutter happy crowd that call this old farmhouse "home," you will know this is no small task.  The funny thing about taking a lot of photos is that you find a lot of REALLY odd ones at the end of the day.  I give you this one, for instance.

Now, while to the uninformed eye, it might APPEAR I am attempting to cut off the cat's tail with my pruners, I assure you, I am NOT.  Now, what I WAS really doing is questionable.....I THINK I was "pointing" to some odd hair on Benson's back near his tail, asking Joe if he had a clue what happened.... Nevertheless, this shot definitely shows the wonderful healing of my arm, post-surgery swelling almost completely gone and excellent extension...don't you think?

Of course, there are so many lovely things to capture for the memory albums, it is hard to resist any shot. The past two days have been hot and they have ended with thunderstorms.  We have picked up huge broken branches and captured rain water to help during the drier times....and we continue to enjoy the double rows of sunflowers Joe planted this spring.  Watching them grow and finally being rewarded with a wonderful variety of flowers has been a huge, and much appreciated morale boost for me.  So many changes in such a short period of time, so many things yet unresolved, so much, so much....and the sunflowers keep growing  and blossoming and the gold finches and bees keep visiting and basking in their glory, completely and happily oblivious to any human angst in the world.

They are all pretty, but this last one really reminds me of a Tie-dyed t-shirt....the ones we used to make and wear in the 70's.  It just has a sweet, nostalgic look to it.

And with the storms comes the need to supplement the goats, who usually forage their own food in the process of clearing some of our woods.  I prune branches and drag them to their yard where they wear them, or eat them, or just play in their food....typical kids!

Even when all is said and done and the thunder is warning of the impending downpour, the sky offers another opportunity for memories....the sun and the clouds are in competition...and the farmhouse braces for the show.

Heading out to work/play/live and enjoy what nature offers!  I'm sure there will be a photo or two that make their way here later! 


Sharon said...

You are really healing nicely, Judy! As usual, you have the most remarkable pictures, and those flowers - gorgeous!
Thunderstorms - we get the thunder, sometimes we even get the wind, not much in the rain bucket - if anything.
Have a good day now!

mixednut555 said...

Beautiful...both your posting and the flowers.

CJ said...

I was having a problem finding where to "post a comment" since I'm accustomed to seeing little boxes for that lol. As always, absolutely BEAUTIFUL photographs Judy and it's great to see your recovery progressing so well.