Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pants No More

I worked all day today, tucked away in my six by nine foot "office" space we have defined through creative placement of bookcases and desks in this garage apartment with slanted walls. When I was growing up I shared a room with my sister in a similar room -- we referred to the wall style as a "glorified attic."  It feels comfortable and cozy to me.  I was busy all day.  I did take a break, just before 8 AM to walk down the driveway and open the gate for the guys who would soon be showing up to start day 2 on the deck.  And I took a couple of breaks during my work day to get outside and check on their progress.

And the new melon
And Miah, my sweet (if mouthy) 12 year old
And check out the red sunflowers

Joe was, as usual, busy.  He has been focusing on the repair of the driveway and addition of more driveways for the past few days, but today he turned his focus to restoring a nice (but filthy) door he'd acquired on barter for a large sign we'd recovered from someone's trash.  The door will, once properly restored, replace the window in the garage apartment.  With the door we will have easy access to the new deck, and the full glass of the door will offer a lovely view of the deck and the woods.

Road "patching"

Dirty, but shows promise
The day was threatening rain off and on, but I don't think it ever succeeded in producing any.  Still, the sky offered some views worthy of photographing and so, naturally, Joe snapped a few (hundred).
Workers took an early lunch (10:30 AM)
Sky threatening rain
Pink afternoon clouds
The deck builders worked hard and fast and the deck is coming right along.  Joe snapped a few more photos of the "men at work" just because.

Day 2 Construction
When late afternoon offered me a break from the meetings and the reports, I took a quick trip into town to run errands, returning just after the construction crew had pulled out.  I was satisfied with their progress and look forward to more of the same tomorrow, weather permitting.  Joe had scraped off some of the cement (or whatever it is that is on that door) but there is much to be done, and more "supplies" required to complete that job... tomorrow is another day.
End of Day 2
When we came into the garage to sit and just relax for a while, Joe acknowledged that he must finally give up the pants that have been his "work pants" for the past two years.  I have resurrected these favorite, comfortable pants several times, stitching and patching and such.  In recent months, Joe could always be assured of receiving curious looks when he went to town in his work pants...the crazy stitching I used to patch the pants did look a little odd, but it worked... until today.

Pants in the Morning...still "functional"

So, as a final tribute to this trusty pair of pants, I took a few shots of the two of them...Joe and his "World Wore Too Long" pants.  They will certainly be missed, but there is a new brown pair, already selected to take their place.... I suppose in another two years we will be looking to replace the favorite brown pants, but today it was a fond farewell to the blue/green model cargo pants that have seen him through many adventures! (I think there is probably an entire blog post that could be written about the adventures of those pants!)

Pants in the evening... 

Now "dysfunctional"


Sharon said...

Good Morning, Judy!
It's funny, but sad too. I too, had a favorite pair of pants, I was devastated when they finally ripped so bad there was nothing left to patch anything to.
Love the door!!! It will give you more light and it's very good looking! Will be a great addition and so functional!
Have a great day!

Vicky Bell said...

Love your posts, always something I can totally understand-- I am loathe to part with my fav sneakers.. I wear them for years and even have patched them with duct-tape. (not my running shoes though- those I replace!)

Judy's Corner said...

Sharon, yes, the pants are going to be missed, for sure. I know we all have lived through this many times in our lives, but it is always a little sad...and a little silly that we cling to those for SOOOO long after they really should have hit the rag bag!

Judy's Corner said...

Hi Vicky,
Thank you! And I laughed when you said you duct taped your shoes together to keep them going... ummmm.... Joe has used numerous "fixes" on favorite shoes too!

Canyon Girl said...

It's lovely where you live Judy, so green and fresh looking. And, yes time for those trusty old pants to go.--Inger

Niels said...

it is just like my overalls, keeping them as long as possible with all sorts of patches, it becomes sort of second skin !

Judy's Corner said...


I couldn't agree more! I LIVE in my overalls...actually have more than a dozen pairs.... I favor a couple of pairs and will not part with ANY of them easily! Patches galore, they are, by far, the most comfortable, functional clothing I have ever worn!

Judy's Corner said...


Thank you. Yes,it is quite green here and I do like that. I'm not as crazy about the humidity that goes along with the heat in these prats though!

niels said...

Judy, I will make a link to your blog in my list of bib folks on my blog, have a nice overall weekend;) be ready for the overalls day nov 20, celebrating the best clothing item ever invented !

Judy's Corner said...

Thanks Niels! Sounds like fun!