Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Sunday was the day I finally broke down and decided waiting to call the groomer to schedule an appointment for Killian to get a MUCH needed trim, was going nowhere.  There are just too many things on the agenda to worry about a haircut and pretty "doggie doo."   Still, Killian was shaggy and her hair was in her eyes and she just HAD to be hot in all that fur.... So.... I unearthed my old clippers, put Killian on her leash and proceeded to the driveway where, perched comfortably on a couple of pallets, I performed my best impersonation of a dog groomer.
Shaggy Killian
On the plus side, my "client" was extremely patient.  She must have known instinctively that I am a hack and that sitting still was really her best option.  She never whined once during the entire LONG process.  I believe my clippers, likely the "best buy" when I purchased them a dozen years ago, are not the highest quality, nor the sharpest.  Still, layer by layer, I unearthed my dog.

Do REAL groomers do it this way???
During the hour or so I took to accomplish my goal, Benson, jealousy personified, kept a close eye on the attention Killian was receiving.  He was so jealous he simply could not stand it.  He actually started walking directly between the groomer and her client!  I thought I'd scare him a little by giving him a little "shave."  I ran the clippers down the middle of his back, and.... he loved it!  What a nut!

Jealous Cat

Benson WANTS attention!
We had to take a break about halfway through.  Killian needed a bio break and the clippers were really getting hot!  So, off we went to stroll down the driveway and to take an opportunity to look at the newly opened and soon to open sunflowers that continue to treat us daily.  Newcomers were the lemony, dainty one and the bolder bright yellow twins....and several were holding tight, requiring us to return tomorrow for the rest of the show!

Sunny Twins
Tomorrow's Promise

By the time we finished the "trim", the nearly full moon had risen and it was time for all of the animals to eat and hit the sack for the night.  Killian did not look nearly as good as she does when in the hands of the pros, but she didn't seem to notice.  She was eating happily, I suspect, dreaming of Monday which was to bring the beginning of the next change to our little place.

August Moon
Well, she's trimmed, at least!

Monday morning the wood was delivered for the deck we are having built.  It is a modest deck which will provide a second exit from our garage apartment.  Safety would seem to mandate a second exit for use in the event of fire, but this place has only the long, steep stairs from inside the garage.  We bought an emergency escape ladder that can be tossed out the window and used to escape a burning building, but it looks so....umm...SCARY!  I think the deck addition and changing the window to a door will be MUCH more reassuring!

Now, everyone knows how kids LOVE to play with the cool equipment.  And sure enough, when I took a break from work, going downstairs to see the "action" (when the wood was being delivered) I was able to snap a couple of pictures of the "kids" at play!  Of course, there is a ton of work involved in this new deck, not the least of which is creating more driveway.  The deck will dual purpose as a carport, so we need a good solid driving and parking surface up to and under it.  Joe has spent the past few days spreading the road dirt.  Next will be the gravel.

Joe playing
Today was the delivery and spreading of more road dirt, and the start of the deck construction.

Making new roads
Deck posts are in....

Change...  we want it, we fear it, we anticipate it, we embrace it...and things change a little more.

Dragonfly on Fence
Dragonfly takes a look at human


Feral Female said...

Oh you did a wonderful job on the dog grooming! We did the same for my MIL last year, just used our goat clippers and went to town on her dog. Saved her $50 to boot!

Sharon said...

I imagine Killian really does appreciate the home-cut! I used to do Rough, but the only time he looked like a Schnauzer, was went I took him in to have it done. I too, had an old clippers.

Silly Benson, doesn't he know cats are supposed to run from the clippers?

Your progress is really progressing! Around here, it is called pro-gress and it doesn't! I believe, I would feel a whole lot more secure with the deck, in case of fire. Good idea!

Have a great day!

Leigh said...

Great job on the hair cut! We trim our Toby once a year. We use to pay a groomer but now we do it ourselves... I think its kind of addicting, one year we shaved Sam too. Yeah, Husky's dont like to be naked. LOL

Good luck on you deck.


Nekkid Chicken said...

What a beautiful day. Everytime I see dragonflies I think of Kat and her son Bodhi.

Thanks for sharing

mixednut555 said...