Monday, August 30, 2010

Craigslist and Cookouts

I had anticipated a cookout on the new deck this weekend.  No, the deck is not yet finished, but it is certainly complete enough for us to haul a barbecue grill, table and chairs up there and christen it....however......

Earlier in the week I'd seen and answered an ad on Craigslist.  The seller was offering a tractor with backhoe, front loader, post hole digger, and three point hitch.  Yes, he wanted a fair price for it, but it was worth taking a look.  As it turns out, the tractor was about an hour and half's drive from here, and it was a lovely afternoon for a drive.  So, we climbed in the little Amigo and headed over to take a look-see.

Judy ready to go
Our destination was across two rivers, the York and the James rivers.  Just south of the James River, city sprawl suddenly melded with country, and just before "Map Lady," as I refer to my Garmin GPS, commanded our final turn, we came across a neat old building that begged to be remembered.

Yesteryear Today
A quick turn and she was behind us and the tractor in sight.  To the two of us, having spent the better part of 2010 digging, carrying, pouring and such by hand, wheel barrow, shovel and cart, this tractor looked like a dream come true.  We have SO much yet ahead of us, that a tractor, especially one this new and practical, was not something from which we could easily walk away.

Judy Trying it on for size
While I played on the tractor, convinced this is something I can actually use myself, Joe negotiated with the seller.  I stay out of the bartering.  I am not a barterer, and Joe is an avid barterer.  And sure enough, when the deal was struck, it was a good one.  The price they agreed on even included delivery ALL the way back to our little farmhouse.
Joe Negotiated the Deal
Of course, striking the deal was the important part, but the logistics of getting the tractor to her new home, took more negotiating.  Again, these things are better left to others (Joe), so I amused myself exploring the seller's pasture, and visiting with his three "pygmy" goats.

Fruit Trees and Barns
Fat Little Pygmies!

With LONG Horns.... OUCH!
The men had arranged everything...the tractor would be delivered this afternoon/evening.  Before we left, Joe asked if he might be able to take some cuttings from the pear, apple and crab apple trees, so he can try to root them.  The seller was happy to oblige, so, by the time we pulled out of his place, the bed of his pickup truck was loaded with fruit tree cuttings.....

Since the seller had to first rent a trailer with which to haul our tractor, Joe and I decided we might as well stop and enjoy a meal.  Neither of us had yet eaten today, and it was nearing 4PM.  We decided on a little Mexican restaurant and the choice was a good one.  The food was tasty and the price was reasonable.


Back at the old farmhouse, we watered flowers and took photos of their progress as we eagerly awaited the arrival of our new best friend!

Everyone is still showing off!
Such a neat look before the sunflower shows her petals
Melon is testing its "hammock"
This one is just bursting with blossoms
Joe with his sunflower crop

And sure enough, just before dusk, she arrived.  The seller was great and spent an hour out there, battling the mosquitoes, giving us the full demonstration while I videoed and Joe paid attention.

Miss Kubota arrives at her new home
By the time we paid the man and he pulled out to make the hour and half drive home, we were both ready to just come inside and relax....and look at the pictures we'd taken today...and watch the video we'd shot today....and watch the video we hadn't yet watched, but which we'd shot in June when my brother was visiting from FL....and well, nine o'clock turned quickly into one o'clock in the morning..,

So, though there COULD have been a barbecue on our new deck this weekend .... Craigslist superseded!
Unchristened Deck


Sharon said...

I must say, that deck looks inviting, but it will be there next weekend! The flashy new toy looks cool! I'm sure it will get a lot of use at the farmhouse! I'll be Joe is beside himself and can hardly wait for the first project! Isn't that melon ripe yet? It's gotten so huge!

Have a great day!

Feral Female said...

Oh you will just adore that tractor! We got our first one this year and life is SO much easier!!

Niels said...

nice red tractor! well, our neighbors have tractors in many sizes and our yard is relatively small, so we borrow if we need one, but in fact the only motorized vehicle I can drive is actually a tractor !:) and craigslist is great ! I am always using it when I am going to a place in US instead of boring hotels !

Judy's Corner said...

It really WILL be fun to cookout on that deck! But we keep being so BUSY! The melon was sooooo good and right from the garden, it was warmed by the sun making the sweetness simply amazing!

We have several more to eat and I think when I return home from my jaunt up to MD to help my mother, I will begin my watermelon diet! LOL

Judy's Corner said...


I know!!! Joe already used the tractor for 4 jobs yesterday...

1. moved a brush pile to make room for the tractor trailer to deliver our "new" storage shed (48' semi trailer)...the job would have taken at least an hour by hand and it took him ten minutes by tractor
2. moved the 87 Chevy pickup truck, which again, refused to start...needed to get it out of the way to allow the semi access -- would have taken MUCH longer to move by hand.
3. Spread a couple of shovel-fulls of gravel over the hand laid road dirt where driveway meets the hard road....would have taken several trips with wheelbarrow and shovel to accomplish...
4. spread another road dirt pile, making a new parking pad for the trailer that will be loaded with the floor they will be tearing out of the old farmhouse today...

Yep, very happy with the decision to purchase the tractor!

Judy's Corner said...


Thanks! I have only been on the tractor long enough to have my photo taken. I can't wait to get a chance to actually USE far, though, Joe has been VERY pleased with what he has accomplished in a very short period of time!