Thursday, August 12, 2010

Buried in a Ton of Catch-up

I'm back at work these days.  The time off for the surgery and recovery period was really a treat.  I have not had a time off from work in a LONG time.  Even when I take "paid time off," as we lovingly refer to what we used to call "vacation time," I am keeping up with email, attending "important" conference calls, etc.

BUT, when the doctor said, "no typing with the right hand," well, that sort of ensured I was going to seriously have to sit on the sidelines.  And the rest and relaxation, such as it was, what with finishing the preparations for getting the "pond house" on the market, and the like, was much needed and well appreciated.  Nevertheless, the time passed and I got the go ahead from the doctor to resume business as usual -- well, with continued physical therapy, of course.

So, now just over two weeks ago I returned to work.  The good news is that I do not have to travel far to the office (just to the other side of my "bedroom" in this apartment over the garage at the old farmhouse.)  The bad news is that I don't have to travel far to get to the office!  Yep, work is ALWAYS there and Ms. Blackberry, buzzing her fool head off is ALWAYS reminding me I am late for another meeting or am behind on another deadline for a deliverable.  I RARELY get a "buzz" from Ms. B to let me know I am FREE to enjoy the sunset, or take a walk down the driveway lined with sunflowers, or even to simply take a lunch break!
Busy Bee
All in Good Time
Reaching, Stretching Tall
Adding a Little Color
I remember, back in the day, when a person went on vacation, the person's workload was shared by coworkers or by temporary workers.  Not so anymore.  In my world, today, the pile on the virtual desk simply continued to grow, awaiting my eventual return.  (I have a sneaking suspicion this is completely intentional and aimed at "encouraging" us to feel well enough to work sooner than later.)  So, suffice to say, I have been up to my ears in work since I found my way back to the office. Yesterday, for instance, I began my work day at a very reasonable 7:30 AM .... and ended it at a NOT SO REASONABLE 3:15AM....almost, but not quite, 20 hours later! (Yeah, but I completed an important deliverable, so at least that's good!)
Job Well Done
Worn Out at Day's End
This morning I was up and at it again at 6:45AM.  (The GOOD news is that I require little sleep).  I was working happily along when I was interrupted by an automated "push" of software know, the kind corporations perform to keep our machines in good working order?  Well, predictably, that meant that not only did my work rhythm get interrupted, computer decided it didn't want to let me back in after the updates and required reboots.  So...a call to the help desk, a few minutes on hold, and helpful tech later, I am back in working order.......................................until the NEXT helpful push, I suspect!

Well, this looks like another long one...I do have a hard stop for physical therapy this afternoon, so that's a good thing.  But I'm sure I will be right back at it after PT... Who KNEW PT would end up being something I looked forward to???

So, just in case I don't get around to read and comment on my favorite blogs for a day or should know, I am somewhere, not far from "home," buried in a TON of "catch-up!"
Busy Bees
Work in Progress
Nearing Completion


Nekkid Chicken said...

Oh Girl,

I feel you. The month hubby was off; seems my work just tripled here at the place. I am still playing catch up. I love your pictures, do you mind my asking the camera you have? I have been saving up for an SLR for about 8 months now. I love to take pictures; its a passion.

Judy's Corner said...

Hey Mal,

Thanks. Yes, we are using the Konica Minolta Dimage Z10 3.2 mp...we own three of them, I think! LOL We like the camera and it is NOT all of ours on eBay (go figure!).

Sharon said...

I know that working from home can be more work than going in to the office. My nephew works from home and they can call at the oddest times, sometimes he doesn't have a day off.

Love the pictures!

mixednut555 said...

:) Love the Sunflower pic where she is hiding her face!

Judy's Corner said...

Thanks Sharon...yes when you work from home you really ARE 24X7 at their beck and call. However, I really DO like working from home...much quieter and I'm better able to focus.

Judy's Corner said...

I know, I know...she is just so interesting. She is so big she sort of folded in on herself, AND so heavy she is bending down and it really does look as if she is hiding her face!