Sunday, June 15, 2008

Taming jungles -- jcarolek

I might as well admit it now. I like yard work. I like digging and growing and mowing and pretty much all of it. But one thing I find particularly enticing is what I call the "taming of the jungle." Left to its own devices, my "yard" would swallow my house whole in just a couple of years. Let's face it, the little patch of clearing upon which my house was erected, used to be just more of the same woodland that still makes up almost 7 acres of my property.

So, every spring or early summer, I pull out my trusty little electric lawn mower, the one that I have totally abused for six years now and it STILL has not even whimpered, and set about my "taming" project. Today was "the day." Now, understand, this little lawn mower is supposed to be used by some quiet and mundane townhouse dwellers with a 50 square foot patch of "yard" but instead, it is owned by ME....and I use it like a bush hog!

I took some pictures before, during and after my three hour effort today, and I have to admit, it doesn't look like much. But trust me, my arms are tired, my legs are tired, my lawn mower is apparently tireless, and I am happy as a clam. Of course, I have TONS left to do, but, as with anything, you can't whip the woods into shape all in one have to sort of coax them along....or push them back gently, to be more accurate...

Still, it was a wonderful day outside and that is always something that completely refreshes me!




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