Friday, June 6, 2008

Leaving Florida -- jcarolek

In a few hours I will be leaving Florida, having had a successful trip, both business-wise and recreationally. I enjoyed meeting a fellow blogger for supper on Wednesday night, and yesterday I took the opportunity to drive up to Tallahassee to visit my brother. I had not been back to Tallahassee in at least 14 years and let me tell you, things have changed!

The five hour drive each way was well worth the time and effort. I was treated to the grand tour of Tim's home, currently under serious remodel (a perpetual state for my brother) and got to visit with him over supper. We "caught up" on family events and I told him I'm planning a summer family "thingy" at my place, as soon as the water is back in the he will make the trip to Virginia for that.

And the weather has been perfect. Hot, yes, but after a chilly two weeks in CA, I was ready for the tropical temps that are Florida. Of course, I did not go to the beach or do the "normal" touristy stuff, but I did what I enjoyed doing and that made it perfect for me.

One thing that struck me as Tim directed me around the once, familiar Tallahassee, was that College Ave, that road I walked a million times during my two years at FSU seems remarkably unchanged, while Doak Campbell Stadium has become an entity in and of itself...what a monstrosity! That stadium complex dwarfs EVERYTHING else that is FSU...I guess that means that the football team IS FSU...Ah, well...Go NOLES!!!

Have a great day! (a bloom in Tim's yard)

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