Saturday, November 17, 2007

With a little imagination -- jcarolek

This afternoon I took a stroll down to the newly built pier WITH the camera (finally). I had a whole seven photos snapped when the batteries gave up (can we say, “poor planning?”) But what I got, I was happy with. So, I thought I’d share. This is the current state of the “pond” awaiting completion of the dam and spillway rebuild so that we can once again enjoy water, and fishing. For now, this is a “dry dock”.

Approaching the pier, at the end of our path through the woods:

The Pier, in all it's 32' X 4' glory:

The "pond" (or shall I say, the pond floor, all grown up -- grasses are over 3 ft tall)"

And to the immeditate right from the pier, the soft, feathery grasses are more than 6ft high:

And Benson, enjoying his new pier (yes it IS all about HIM!!)

So, all in has it's own beauty. It will be better when we have water again...

But it sure is better than the day the dam broke!!!

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