Thursday, November 1, 2007

A truly disturbing dream -- jcarolek

I read an earlier post that was a silly picture of a supposed dream...and that made me think of a dream I had....

The most vividly disturbing dream I ever recall having was 19 years ago. I still can feel that horrible sensation I had when consciousness dragged me from my sleep. In my dream my then hubby and I were getting ready to close on our house. We were in the middle of getting all of the inspections and approvals and such. And we were living in the house, renting before completing the purchase. So, the dream started off, well rooted in reality, for this was, indeed, what we were going through.
In my dream, however, I discovered a dead man in the basement of the house. He had died of means undetermined and for my part, the HOW was not important. The concern I had was that he was dead and in my basement. All I could think, was that his presence, or, lack thereof, depending on perspective, was sure to be a problem in getting through closing on schedule. So, I quickly set about burying the body.

Of course, dragging the dead man out into the yard, and interring him in a shallow grave there would have been a logical choice for one such as I, bent on making that closing at any cost. But, no, I decided it was better to break up the cement floor of the basement and conceal his body there.

It should come as no surprise to anyone, that my makeshift burial services were “noted” during the inspection, and I was quickly arrested. I can still recall pleading with the sheriff’s deputies, explaining, in all earnestness, that I was guilty of no crime. I had not killed that man. I had only discovered his dead body in the basement and did not want to have it interfere with the closing on the purchase of our home.

Even after awakening, it took more than a week for me to stop questioning myself….it was so real….I kept having this horrible feeling I had really killed someone and hidden the body….

But….we did close on schedule…..

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Sharon said...

OMG! That was vivid! I dreamed once that I had died and my spirit or whatever was going from person to person, telling that they should go look at me, and no one paid any attention.

I would venture a guess that is how I feel - that if I died, nobody would care.

Yep, some dreams stay with you forever.