Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm ready to share -- jcarolek

Come, take a little walk with me. I want you to enjoy hickory nut collecting on this beautiful November day. The woods are delightful. The yellows outshine the others right now and give a brilliant glow to the ground below.

Looking for nuts requires looking DOWN….here is what I see…acres and acres of fallen leaves….can you see the nuts?

How about now?

The animals love to accompany me on my hunt….today, as I crossed over my property closest to my neighbor, their dog Angel came bounding over to take part. Killian was not going to share, but after I patted Angel’s head and said, “Good Girl” to each of them, they were off together….running, leaping…generally having a “doggone good time.”

But they always came back to check on my progress. Angel, puts on her biggest smile for me!

Down at the pier, the dogs survey the pond floor and it must have passed muster, because they took off through the tall grasses, chasing up the birds and having more fun!

And I was able to spend a glorious afternoon, enjoying the clear blue sky, the crispy fall leaves, and the exuberance of the dogs…(Benson made himself scarce when Angel showed up on the scene!)

Thanks for sharing my November hickory nut collecting!

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