Thursday, September 13, 2007

An unfamiliar face -- jcarolek

Well, she arrived at my mother’s house, (her grandmother’s house) an hour or so before we were all due to meet for supper yesterday. She had driven in from DE to MD and thought she’d spend a little “quality time” with Grandmommy, as my mother prefers to be called.

Imagine her surprise when my mother opened the door and had NO IDEA who she was! LOL…

When John and I arrived for supper, we were treated to the story of how a grandmother, not one suffering from any malady, mind you, had opened the door to a “pretty young lady” but not one she recognized. When my sister and niece arrived, and heard the story, my niece started laughing, because a similar thing had happened to her, when she and my mother had crossed paths over by the University.

Mom says the problem was that she was not expecting to see these young ladies where she met them and this is why she did not realize who they were. Who knows? Jen thinks it was, perhaps, because she was wearing some big, unfamiliar glasses. But I think my mother still thinks of these young women as children and to see them driving up and living in the work-a-day world is still very unfamiliar to her.

We all had a good laugh about it, anyway!

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