Thursday, September 6, 2007

I am nosey by nature -- jcarolek

I want to apologize to Blogville. You see, I cannot help myself. If I see you are asking for help, I will be right there, trying to figure it out. It’s just what I do! I have been trying to control this urge to jump in and help out, but it is so strong that I find myself easily overcome by it (is there a self help group for this affliction?)

So, anyways…I have always been this way. Some consider

me bossy. Some consider me opinionated. Some consider me nosey. At times, I suppose any of these might be true. But I can assure you; I did not just come by this trait recently. I can find any number of photos taken through the years where the photographer has captured me, tinkering with something not my own, totally engrossed in “fixing” something, or the likes.

I offer evidence of my innate nature to stick my nose in. Here, at age maybe 4, but probably 3, I am “helping” Dad get the bicycle in order. Older sister Jeannie, stands a respective distance from the “operation” but Judy is “on it!”

Sometimes, I am amazed the world continues to spin without my intervention! LOL

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