Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Spider's View -- jcarolek

This morning I went out to take a walk with my dog and cats, down the path to the would-be pond, where the would-be pier will soon be (providing the now defunct adjoining association and the new developer of a 178 home subdivision which adjoins the headwaters of the creek that feeds the soon-again-to-be-a-pond, but who actually have no access rights to the pond, do NOT object – part of the joys of owning property in RPA area). On my way out, I came across this spider, industriously building his web.

What struck me about this was the web that hung not one foot away from this “new construction.” I stopped and watched awhile, as I find this such an incredible thing to watch. Then, I decided I wanted to capture pictures of the little guy and the two webs. So, I returned to the house and grabbed the camera.

As I snapped his photo, I had to wonder. Was the older web one of this guy’s making? Was he tired of the old and simply building a new one? Or was he “moving into” the neighborhood? If so, did his web have to be “of similar size and workmanship” as the others in the little spider home owners association? To be honest, this new web looked like it would be superior to the first, but, if he was a newcomer, I wonder if the current web owner is miffed that the new guy’s web is so much nicer?

And then I got to thinking of this mentality and how I see it everywhere. It is in our neighborhoods, and even here in Blogville. Some of the old timers (like myself) have blog pages that suit us, that are not flashy and exciting like some of the others. Some of the newbies seem to want to build a “nice page” like those they see here, and others shun the entire idea. Some members cast off their old blog page for a new one, though the old one was very nice, and certainly functional.

So, I suppose I will never know whether the spider, hard at work on the new web, was a newcomer, or one who had grown tired of his old “digs.” But, I suppose regardless, I think we humans are not so very different from these spiders.

I hope you enjoy his/their hard work.New Web
Old Web Spider at Work Spider's View of Judy's Corner

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