Thursday, January 11, 2007

Tis the Season (just ask my neighbors) -- jcarolek

In case you are wondering, it is officially the Valentine's Season. How do I know? Well, I have neighbors who keep me abreast of the current season.

From 11/20 – 1/6 it is Christmas. The Christmas lights adorn the house. The very large front yard is dwarfed by the giant blow-up santa, snowman, etc. etc. No doubt, it is Christmas.

Today, as I drove by I noticed the change in season. Today there is a flag of pinks and reds with hearts hanging in the front yard. There are similarly colored heart-shaped balloons of some nature, hanging in the trees.

If history repeats itself, promptly on February 15th we will enter the season of Easter. These are not Irish savvy people, so St. Patty’s Day does not rate a season. But the blow up bunnies and the giant Easter eggs will grace the yard until the actual day has passed.

After Easter, we enter into the long season of yard work. Piles of dirt and gravel always seem to be being delivered. No decorations adorn the yard to clash with these mounds as the residents of Seasons Central take time to reconfigure their landscape.

But, by mid June, the mounds are gone, and the lawn mower is whizzing around, keeping the grass properly maintained to show off the patriotic flags and bows. The bows must compete to be seen in trees, now fully leaved. Patriotism, flags and ribbons come to a screaming end with the blasts of fireworks which generally extend beyond the 4th of July, because, well, those things must be on sale somewhere.

The season between 4th of July and beginning of school appears to be the season of Vacation. The camper, the tent, and the sleeping bags, are all dragged out into the front yard. They are cleaned, and moved around a lot. Lots of cars with people come and go, and somewhere in this season, the residents of Season Central take off for their own vacation.

‘Round about September 1, the season of Autumn Harvest appears in their yard. Flags and ribbons, even the magnetic decoration for the mailbox scream at us to look at them, even as the brilliant natural colors of autumn are painting the trees.

In mid October, the witches, goblins and ghosts come out to play in the yard. Larger than life, these, again dominate the yard, dwarfing the house.

On November 1, the Scary Hallowe’en season gives way to the giant turkey and the flags, and mailbox drapes of Thanksgiving.

And finally, the season turns, once again to Christmas. An observation: These neighbors of mine have an oversized two car garage in which no cars ever park. Instead, they have five vehicles in two driveways, and a garage FILLED to capacity with the GHOSTS OF SEASONS PAST AND FUTURE!!!

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