Friday, January 26, 2007

Do your own thing, or, don't make the smurfs "blue" -- jcarolek

I was going to title this, "Monkey See, Monkey Do," but in light of the recent Monkey Business, I chose the above title.

My son is two years and one week older than my daughter. He was potty trained before I delivered her (thank you for small favors) and he was about three when he learned (on a camping trip) how to “pee like the big boys.”

Now, aren’t you glad I decided to share this tale with you?

About the same time Steve graduated from the “baby potty” to the stand-up model, Jen was learning her way out of the world of diapers.

I was justifiably proud that both of my offspring stopped “wetting” at night at age 10 months and were potty trained by two.

I was unprepared for the setback that occurred about the time my daughter was three. One day I noticed that she went to use the potty and come out with wet underwear (the smurfs that adorned her drawers were a little “blue”.)

“Jen,” I asked, “did you have an accident?
“Well, why are you panties wet?”
“I peed like the BIG KIDS!!!”

You got it, my lovely daughter wanted to be like her older brother…see what I meant about the title?

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