Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Chatting with Jen -- jcarolek

What a wonderful way to close out another day. My daughter called from CA and we chatted for nearly two hours. We chatted about important, world affairs type topics, and we chatted about thoughts and hopes and dreams type topics. And we talked. Really talked. Not Mom telling daughter about the ways of the world. Not daughter telling Mom that she, “just doesn’t understand!”

How I love being the mother of a daughter who has grown up, maturing sufficiently to want to call just to chat with her old Mom! How I love being able to enjoy my 23 year old, adult daughter, who is truly also my friend.

I remember when I was young and my mother was justifiably ticked off at me. She used to wish upon me a daughter just like me! Well, she didn’t get her wish. My sister gave birth to the daughter who was just like me. What I did have was a daughter so unlike me in many ways that we had our times of struggle. So it was that the intent of my mother’s wish was granted, though the specific wish was not. Tonight, I almost told my daughter that I wish upon her a daughter just like herself. But I held my tongue. My true wish is that my daughter will have a relationship with her future daughter as rewarding as the one I have with her. I suspect I would not appreciate the gift as much, had I not experienced the years of struggle.

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