Thursday, January 18, 2007

A time and a place -- jcarolek

A few years ago my husband was exercising on the treadmill. His morning routine well underway, he had the TV in the exercise room broadcasting the early morning news programs. With interest, he received the news that this day was “National Prayer Day” (did anyone know there was such?) Well, I have never followed up to verify the validity of this event, but the result of my husband’s reception of this information is well documented.

In learned fashion, John closed his eyes to say his prayer. This threw his pace off just a bit, but sufficiently to ensure that he failed to keep up with the programmed speed of the treadmill. Off the back of the treadmill his foot slipped, in the process breaking the back of the treadmill mechanism, rendering it unusable!

By this time, his eyes were wide open, his prayer

had turned to cursing and disbelief was forming the scowl on his sweaty face. He called me to tell me of this faux pas and I know my co-workers had to wonder what on earth had happened to evoke such laughter from me! The treadmill was under a maintenance agreement, and my husband’s back which was also jarred by this stunt had recovered by the time the treadmill had been repaired. I asked him to consider the expression, “there is a time and a place for everything,” before taking action in the future. I don’t think he listened too well, but closing his eyes to pray on the moving treadmill is an activity he has not repeated.

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