Thursday, January 27, 2011

Making Progress

I had an idea that I was going to write a blog post this week in honor of my number two brother, Dan, who reached that fabulous life milestone this week.  He turned fifty years old.  However, he reached this milestone on a day that I was so busy with everything else, that by the time I sat down to catch my breath and consider a post, it was nearly 3 AM.  And since work (the one that pays the bills and finances all this fun) starts again at 7 AM, I decided I'd have to wait to write my "Dan Reaches 50" post.  One day soon, I will gather those thoughts properly together and post.  Until then, I will simply wish him a very happy (belated) birthday.

The past few days have been busy here, the focus being bi-focal, so to speak.  The first, of course, is the old farm house which WILL be repaired - the foundation repaired, the house raised and the tired floor made level again.  We have (preliminarily) made the deal with the licensed, bonded, certified, credentialed, AND, well-priced contractor.  The expected start date is mid February, with a completion date of this phase (through sub-flooring) of mid March.  Now, if only the weather decides to cooperate, I will be most grateful.

To prepare for the leveling, re-beaming, re-joisting, etc., we have to get the old, rotted, broken joists out, and prepare the "underneath" of the house.  This includes a lot of "clean-up" type work and the creation of a sump-pump solution to deal with the water that wants to make its way under the house when it rains, snows, floods, etc. (We are at 13 ft above sea level here and literally surrounded by water.)

Last Summer After Floor Was Removed (Kitchen Area)

Walkways Across Failed Beams and Joists

Living Room?

The second focus is finishing the insulating and wall-covering in the garage.  We also installed three ceiling fans which we got from our demolition work at the old Hallieford house a year ago.  None of them match, but they are all good ceiling fans and will make a big difference in the summer. We have been pretty satisfied with the work of the two young, out of work, guys we have employed to help us complete this part.  They are also to help with the prep work for the old farm house, but we must wait until the rains subside.....

This week we have completed about half of the interior of the garage, and this weekend we will tackle more.  One thing I can definitely say is EVERYTHING takes longer, is more work and costs more than we plan...BUT.... we ARE getting there!

Installing Ceiling Fan #1

Installing Fan #2

Bringing Plywood From Shed

Installing Plywood over Insulation

Garage Walls Halfway Completed

Unfortunately, today it was pouring rain and Joe spent most of the day in emergency water diversion mode....  we must have five hundred feet of black 4 inch flexible pipe carrying water away from places it naturally wants to flow....  I am SOOOOOO ready for Spring!


Louise said...

Great progress, indeed. You are certainly dedicated to this project. I know I'm going to enjoy following you, all the way along.

Sharon said...

It's coming right along! You are so right, every project is a "more" project, more time, more work and more money. Then there's the little game of can't do this until you do this but you can't do this until you do that. I don't want to ever do any reconstruction or construction again!

Will your garage ever really be a garage or will you build another garage and turn your present residence into a rental or guest cottage? It's looking pretty darn good!

Judy's Corner said...

Thanks Louise,

I'm looking forward to making major headway on the project, and hope the cold weather and rain/snow will soon cut us some slack!

Judy's Corner said...


Yeah, the garage will be a garage again (one day) but it is huge (36 X 32) so I imagine it will always be a place to "hang out" and play some music or whatever. Nope, no intention on ever renting out any part of this little farmette. We really like the space!

Canyon Girl said...

That's so great -- you guys work so hard. I have something for you on my post of 1/31. -- Inger