Sunday, January 23, 2011

Black Stove Pipe

We've had an interesting week here in our remodeling endeavor.

After using the wood stove in the garage for about two months, we decided we did not like the idea of the galvanized stove pipe the installer used.  Yes, it was up to code.  Yes, it was made for the purpose, but we were both feeling the effects of the fumes the heated galvanized pipe was emitting.

Galvanized Pipe
Not So Pretty
and Toxic Fumes

So, though we certainly did not need another project, we decided it was in our best interest to replace the galvanized pipe with the black stove pipe.  Let's just say that while the original project took the professional installer about 30 minutes to complete, our rework of the the job took us ummmm.... four hours?

Well, OK, we did have to take down the original pipe.

We had to clean the double-wall pipe that carries the smoke out through the roof.

And we had to connect those bloomin' pipes together.... let me tell you, that was no easy task.

Oh, and just BECAUSE they are BRILLIANT, Lowes firmly applies price stickers to each piece of stove pipe, so.... we had to take those off

Then we were finally able to actually assemble and install our new stove pipe.

Still, we managed to get the job done without any bloodshed or broken bones.  We like the way it looks, and it is completely functional.... the pipe we used is a heavier gauge than the original, which I consider a plus.

Tomorrow the latest of the contractors is supposed to come over after church to give us his bid on the "big project" (the raising and leveling of the old farm house).  We are hoping this one will be the right one, because it would be very nice to get this project underway.

Meanwhile, we continue to plug along on the smaller projects -- indoors, where possible.  Tomorrow we hope to get started on completing the insulation in the garage and installing the plywood we intend to use for the wall covering.

Of course, our projects have to be squeezed in between work (the kind that pays the bills), chores (the stuff that keeps the place functioning) and CraigsList.....  Yes, I continue to scour CraigsList, looking for those items, odd or common, but useful to us in our farm creation project.  This week we finally found a local guy selling a flatbed trailer with the capacity to carry the tractor.  We've seen many such trailers offered, but everyone wanted too much money for them.  When I saw the listing, I was pretty certain it would not last, because, quite frankly, the price was right -- less than half of what most are asking.

Van - CraigsList (CA),
Semi-trailer - CraigsList (VA),
Trailer - CraigsList (VA)

And this afternoon we finally managed to get over to pick up the fence pieces we'd secured from another seller on CraigsList.  We made the deal in December, but weather and schedules interfered with the pick up until today.  Naturally, it was FREEZING today -- still, we persevered. Murphy's Law prevailing, the task included:
  • the van getting stuck in the soft ground when trying get to the trailer for initial hook-up
  • walking the trailer out to meet the van, since the van couldn't make it to the trailer
  • getting a flat tire on the trailer AFTER loading the fencing -- thankfully, the seller had a portable air compressor
Loading Fence Into Trailer
Fix a Flat
We did manage to make it home safely, but decided not to tackle any more projects tonight.  Tomorrow is another day, and perhaps Murphy will be hanging out somewhere else!

Home Sweet Home


aswesow said...

I don't believe you that galvanized flue is up to code for a wood stove installation!

Judy's Corner said...

I can assure you, aswe, I thought the same thing... nevertheless, it is. Take a look at 6 inch galvanized stove pipe, and you will see it is very commonly sold, and acceptable.

Gorges Smythe said...

I've smelled those fumes. Not only are they toxic, they make your nostrils burn.

Feral Female said...

We always use the black stove pipe and are very pleased with it. I don`t envy you replacing it, Mister abhors working with stove pipe!

Sharon said...

Yes, definitely, the black stove pipe is preferable. That other stuff seems to smell in use for what seems to be forever. The black looks a whole lot better too! What are you putting behind the stove for a fire wall?

Oh, what would we do without Murphy, to keep us on our toes?

Louise said...

The new pipe looks much better than the galvanized stuff. Congratulations on a hard job, done well.

Nekkid Chicken said...

I was wondering if you guys had thawed out. We sold two bucks and a hog this week. Needless to say, things have quieted down here since your last snow storm. Hummmmms, but toasted marshmellows with hot cocoa sounds so lovely in the middle of the night. Great work you two accomplish.

Take care,