Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lucky This Time

The threatened bad weather -- snow, ice, mixed horror -- ended up mostly passing us by this time.  I am so very thankful and do not, in the least, regret taking a couple of days to secure more firewood for the possibility of getting snowed in without power.  With any luck, our hard work and the nasty weather's considerate avoidance of our neck of the woods this time will mean we will have sufficient supplies to see us through the end of January???  We'll see.  We'll be cutting and splitting more during any decent weather, I'm sure, but the pressure is definitely off.
Wood Splitting on Cute and Efficient
Electric Log Splitter

Split Wood Stacked -- Time to Take a Break

As those of you who read my posts regularly will know, I have a habit of perusing Craig's List to see if anything being offered is something we could use around here at the old farm house.  Things I find that are of interest to us are not necessarily used as the seller would imagine when he makes the listing, but they work for us.  Examples of excellent finds are:

  • Construction trailer: remodeled and used now for my eBay operation
  • Older Minivan:  Perfect for "beater" van purposes of schlepping boxes from one house to the other, temporary green house, etc.
  • 48' Semi Trailer: In the process of being converted to multiple storage "rooms" and office, after installing house style front door ... windows will be installed as weather permits...(managed to swing a deal on this one that included having the floor in the old farmhouse completely taken up so we could get to the beams and joists that need replacing....)
  • Kubota Tractor: I cannot even BEGIN to count how useful this has been!
  • Ancient U-Haul Box Truck: Immediate storage space AND mobile workshop with deck atop for tree-limb pruning!
  • Linda's Wood Stove:  Yes, one of the best finds, to be certain!

So the list goes on.

Monday, I took a quick look at the current listings and found one for an ancient camper -- looked to be in pretty bad repair, but the price was very low.  Yesterday we drove out in the nasty icy drizzle to take a look.  It looked worse "in person" than it did in photos, and we almost bailed on it.  BUT.... Joe looked at it and looked at it and his brain tallied the useful value of the "the parts."  He offered the seller less than half of what he originally wanted, and that price included delivery to our place.  The seller did not hesitate when accepting the offer.  He will deliver it sometime in the next few days.
Ummmm.. A REAL Beauty, Yes?

Seriously, Delightful, Huh???

Once we have it, Joe will make the final determination of whether the 7 X 14 interior space will be used for storage (a tool shed or the likes) or whether he will strip the sheet metal off and use it elsewhere, and convert the unit to a flatbed trailer for moving such large items as the tractor.  Regardless, the price was right and the contact MAY result in some more progress being made here...before the warm-up of Spring.

As it turns out, the seller is a currently-out-of-work-electrician-and-general-contractor.  He is willing to take a look and make bids on some of our small projects.  If his prices are good, and we like his work, he might also be hired to tackle some of bigger projects.  Mostly, I like the idea of being able to help someone who needs the work, and he, in turn, seems eager to get the opportunity.  We shall see........... he first has to deliver the ancient "canned ham" trailer, look at the work for which we are soliciting his services, and submit his bids....

Nevertheless, we will, no doubt, continue to work on the other 1.1 million projects (yes, the number keeps growing) and before we know it, it will be Spring............ RIGHT?

Icy Tree Tops In Glorious Sun 10 AM

Icy Tipped Needles on Pine Trees

Not Yet Out of the 20's Outside

Wood Store Cranking out the Heat

Looks Pretty too!

Garage Temp - 66


rencast131 said...

We have the same kind of wood splitter! Works great, doesn't it??? And SOOO much easier than an ax!!

Louise said...

The ability to make something out of nothing is very valuable. Looks like you two have it in generous quantities.

Sharon said...

Judy, you and Joe do have luck on your side, we never find anything worth buying and it's always a burnt trip! We have about given up on finding anything to use for storage, short of building it ourselves (and I never want to build another shed - long story)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I heard on the news yesterday that someone was trying to sell a baby on Craigs list...Of course the police are now involved in the whole thing--Who does that??

But I peruse it too, you never k now what's going to show up, and I admire people like you for seeing something good when some may not--They should make a TV should about you and Joe for HGTV!! :-)

By the way, our snow as a non-event, only about an inch--I didn't even get to wear my new boots!

Leigh said...

It is great to get some nice finds and help someone else out in the process. I am happy to see that you and Joe enjoy doing these things together as well. Lovely photos hun!
All the best,

Feral Female said...

Nothing like the warmth of wood is there?!

Judy's Corner said...

rencast, it really is a nice splitter! I was very pleased with it and its low price in comparison to the gas powered splitters. And Joe appreciates that break from the ax and maul!

Judy's Corner said...

I have to be honest. Joe is the one who really has the ability to SEE something in what I would immediately write off as JUNK! I have benefited from his "recycle it" mentality.

Judy's Corner said...


I think part of the "luck" is that we typically answer ads for things that are most likely going to be considered junk by anyone else. And no, I do NOT like "building" sheds from kits either.... I'll take the odd looking relics and force them into continued service rather than try to erect a shed for four times the cost and 100 times the frustration!

Judy's Corner said...

Well Kim,
I am happy we didn't get the snow, but it would have been nice to have had the opportunity to try out your new boots!

And yes, I find it ridiculous anyone would try to sell a baby on Craig's List!

I think we'd better await the results of or labors before pursuing HGTV!! LOL

Judy's Corner said...

Thanks Leigh,

Yes, we really like the whole bartering types of deals and there are so many who are out of work,or under employed that it seems only naturally to employ their talents while they have the time. Once the economy kicks back up, I'll bet we won't be able to find guys who will have the time and interest to tackl our little projects!

Judy's Corner said...

FF, you aren't kidding! There is nothing like the warmth of the wood stove. Love it!