Sunday, December 26, 2010

Talice in Snow

The weather this year has really been crazy.  I am not accustomed to having so much snow or snow so early  in the season.  We had three snowfalls with accumulation before winter officially arrived this year.  And, at about 3PM on Christmas Day the first snowflakes of this storm began to fall.  They have been falling ever since, but started falling more heavily this morning.  At 9 AM I went out with the yardstick and verified it was 7 inches deep.

First Measurement this Morning
I went out to the goat pen, where Talice is the guest visitor.  She is opting to sleep in the now-vacant goat shed, rather than the heated dog house.  She watched me as I approached with the bucket, in which she knew I had food.

Talice in the Goat Shed
Goat Shed with Straw Bedding

Once I'd opened the gate, she bounded out of the shed, frolicking as only dogs can do, in the deepening white stuff.
Gate to Goat Yard

Talice, Bounding Out to Greet Me

Talice, Catching a Smell of the Food Approaching

I filled her bowl, placing it back in the dog house, protecting it from the falling snow, and she was right in on that food!  The empty bucket was of no interest to that dog!

Talice, Chowing Down

Empty Bucket in Snow
The old farmhouse, her outbuildings and the property look so lovely in the snow, but I'm still not a fan of the white stuff.  I know that with the snow come the power outages and the accidents, both on the road and at home.  We are just not really well equipped to deal with snow in these parts.

Old Farmhouse in Snow
Outbuildings in Snow
I have been cooking this morning, in anticipation of losing power.  The wood stove is cranking out the warmth, and if it should be that we lose electricity, we will still stay warm, and be able to heat food on the wood stove.

Providing Winter Warmth

Talice appears thrilled with her accommodations.  She returned to the straw-filled goat shed when she'd finished eating.  The others, Killian, Benson and Miah, all just looked at me when I walked back into the garage.  They are keeping warm in the 60+ degrees the wood stove maintains for the garage, and they refuse to venture out into that cold, white powdery stuff!  What little wimps I have for pets!  They could learn a thing or two from my "granddog" Talice!
Talice, Loves the Snow!


Sharon said...

Oh, that's just plain too much snow. We get a couple inches and I wonder why I landed here.

Maybe Talice feels a bit claustrophobic in the dog house? Or prefers that softer bed? Or maybe it just hasn't got cold enough for her to appreciate the heated doghouse yet?

The farmhouse looks cool, with all that snow!

Leigh said...

The snow is still falling here but I doubt we will have outages and such. My little goats aren't a fan of the snow either! Stay warm and toasty!

Gorges Smythe said...

We have power outages on my rural road, too. Most are because one neighbor lady won't let anyone timber the edge of her property along the road, because she thinks the leaning pines are so pretty. So, every big snow or high wind, about 75 houses are without power. Of course, she's on the town side of the break, so it never affects HER.

Nekkid Chicken said...

HOLEY MOLEY, Did you make some snow ice cream? I love winter and the sound of hushed vibrance it brings to a forest. That dog is so adorable you lucky woman. Merry Christmas