Sunday, December 19, 2010

Comfort Corner

We made the purchase a couple of weeks ago. Since we installed the Linda wood stove in the garage, I've had the idea that it would be a lovely place to "hang out" -- if only there were more comfortable seating.  Sure, the lawn chairs we've been using in the garage have served us well through our first Spring, Summer and Autumn here, but the wood stove simply invites a comfortable corner that isn't easily achieved with the lawn chairs.  I suggested to Joe that we might look for the more comfortable lawn furniture, the padded stuff, that we could perhaps find used.  And, with that, the perusal of Craigslist began again (did it ever really end?).

As it turns out, in December in these parts of Virginia, there weren't too many folks trying to sell their lawn furniture -- go figure.  However, I did notice a listing for a set of living room furniture.  The listing was interesting because it was for a very sturdy type of furniture, one that I'd always considered great furniture for rough and tough, raising kids years.  Of course, during those years, I was only window shopping when I admired that furniture... the price was a little outside the budget.  I made an appointment to see this furniture which was more than we needed, but for which the price was very intriguing.

These purchases are always mini adventures for Joe and me.  We seem to meet very interesting people and Joe always seems to make really good deals.  So it was with this purchase.  Not only did we leave, having given the seller a deposit for the living room furniture, but we'd also agreed to buy the dining table she had listed.  Joe negotiated a price for all of the pieces that was less than she'd asked for the living room set.  I'm not entirely sure WHY we bought the table, but it appealed to me.  The seller assured us she had four chairs that would go with this table, but they were not the chairs we were seeing that day.  These chairs, she told us, were the chairs her grandparents bought and had in their home from the first days of their marriage, in the early 1900's.  She was keeping those chairs.

We all agreed to make the pick up on Saturday, December 18th, when her husband would be available to help load and transport the furniture. Naturally, this week was a snowy one and Joe considered calling to change the date for the furniture transport.

Thursday Morning

But, as things have a tendency to do, time got away from us, and last night the seller called to verify we were all "on" for today.  Sooooo.... Joe and I spent last night getting the rather "full of stuff" garage prepared to accept the furniture for the comfort corner.

That area behind Mom is the targeted Comfort Corner...

Boxes were moved and stacked, and within about three hours, we'd cleared the spot, put down the carpet and were ready for the furniture.

Sweeping before Carpet

Carpet Down -- ready for Furniture
Conveniently, I had choir rehearsal during the agreed to delivery/pick-up time, so Joe had to do all the work...
Picturesque Cottages at Misty Cove

Another Van Load of Furniture

Seller's Husband -  Mid-Leap During Loading
When I returned home, the furniture was here, and after supper, we set it all up.  As we were setting up the living room set in the garage, Joe mentioned that we actually got "Grandma's chairs." I was astounded.  "Really? For the $50 for the table and chairs, she gave us the antiques?"  Sure enough.  Something about since she promised us chairs, and had not brought the others (those non-heirloom chairs) over from Richmond, she was giving us these.... How does this always end up happening to us?  We really were not in the market for a table, even, but got the table and four antique chairs... the hunk of glass that sits atop the table cost would cost $100 alone!

Heirloom Chairs
We are still deciding where to use the table and chairs while we await the completion of their eventual place in the old farm house kitchen.  I was a little nervous to admit to her, as she was disclosing the fact that one of the kids had scratched their initials in the wood on the back of one of the pieces, that I was going to put this great furniture in my garage! However, the couch, love seat, end tables and coffee table have created a cozy comfortable corner in front of the wood stove in the garage.  We will spend a lot of time down there this winter, I just have a hunch.  Oh, and I think it is really nice that this furniture, the furniture from "This End Up," is 29 years old.... the same age as my eldest child .... and has lived through the original owner's four children and now ten grandchildren... and it still looks GREAT.

Joe Moving the Furniture Into Postion
Notice who IS working and who is taking pictures...
Coffee Table Into Position
Cozy Comfort Corner


Sharon said...

I guess, we are the balance for your good luck, you find a good deal, we end up paying too much and it's garbage.

Looks like you have some nice sturdy stuff there, and end tables to boot! Great for your cozy warm spot!

Gorges Smythe said...

That appears to be the same furniture as sits in our living room, right down to the fabric. You'll like it.

The Griper said...

lookis good, judy. fits right in very nicely.

Judy's Corner said...

LOL, Sharon. I think we pay too much for some things too, but Craigslist has been pretty good to us... and Joe is a dynamite barterer.

Judy's Corner said...


I think it will serve us very well... I've always heard good things about this furniture, and the fact that this set has been around nearly 30 years, with plenty of children using it, and is still so sturdy and in such great condition tells me it will serve us for many years to come.

Judy's Corner said...

TG, yep, I think it fits in great! We've already begun spending several hours in the garage each evening... the comfortable furniture and the warmth of the wood stove are very inviting.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jude, That's the same furniture Michelle and I bought as newlyweds almost 28 years ago and still'll love it...just put good cushions on the arms...they will definitely leave a nice bump (from many experiences). Dan