Friday, December 24, 2010

The Day Before the Day Before Christmas

Saturday my daughter, Jenn, was to drive from her home in Madison, VA to ours in Mathews, VA, bringing her dog, Talice (pronounced TAH-LEASE) for us to dog sit while she and her husband spend Christmas and the first week of the New Year in France, with his family.  However, as seems to be an annual ritual, travel plans were thrown awry by weather.  Benoit, traveling to France ahead of Jenn, was to leave Friday night.  His flight was canceled and after persevering through the airport hassle of getting another flight, he finally was able to board a plane, 24 hours after his originally scheduled flight.  So Jenn spent Saturday, waiting in their home, in case he was unsuccessful in getting another flight.  We agreed to do the Talice delivery on Sunday.

Sunday, with Benoit safely on his way to France (he got stuck in a seven hour delay in Zurich) Jenn and Talice set out for our place.  They stopped to visit with friends in Richmond, and, in mid afternoon, Jenn called with a new plan.  She didn't want to be without her dog for several days while she was still at home, so the NEW plan we agreed to had her driving here on Wednesday, spending the night and then having me drive her to the airport for her flight on Thursday.

Yesterday afternoon Jenn called.  She was closing up the house and getting ready to load Talice into the car and make her way here.  She would see us in the early evening.  After I got off the phone, it occurred to me that it might just be simpler if I drove there, picked them both up, drove her to the airport, and came home with Talice.  So, I called her back and we all agreed on the NEW, NEW plan.

This morning dawned cold, and windy, but clear and beautiful.  I set out at about 9:15 AM and made the trip to Madison, arriving just after noon.

Madison Bound - Picturesque Country Roads
Ancient Farmhouses
Blue Ridge Mountains
Snowy Foothills
Horses in the Fields

Jenn and Talice were standing outside, Jenn wrapped up against the bitter cold wind, when I arrived, and within a few minutes we were on our way to the airport.

Jenn and Ben's place in Madison
Jenn's Workshop
Jenn and Talice Waiting Patiently
Jenn and Talice -- Ready to Go
We stopped for lunch about twenty miles from the airport and enjoyed a delicious bowl of black bean soup, a Greek salad and a nice visit.

I dropped Jenn at Dulles Airport at 3:30 PM.  Her flight was not scheduled to leave until 9PM, but she assured me she was happy to be there early and would have no trouble keeping busy.

The drive home required much more patience than did the drive there.  Garmin announced, as I pulled out of the airport, that I should arrive at my destination at 6:31 PM..... I pulled in at 8:30 PM.  Still, though the traffic on 95 in northern VA was the typical traffic jam, I couldn't shake the feeling that this had been a really enjoyable drive.  I had spent the trip to Madison listening to a book on CD, and I listened to the rest of it on my way back from the airport.  It had been a long time since I listened to a book while driving, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  And while I am, most decidedly, NOT a fan of the busy roads and hustle and bustle that is northern VA, I absolutely LOVE the countryside on the way to Madison.  So I was happy to be able to get a few pictures, en route.

On my way home, my friend Kitty's husband called.  Kitty is back home from the hospital.  She has had her surgery and WILL make it for Christmas Eve service tomorrow.  Tom wanted me to know that we are STILL invited for Christmas Eve dinner at their house before the service.  When I asked what I could bring, he said he'd ask Kitty, and then reported that she replied that I should, "Bring Joe!"  

Back home now, everyone is settled down for the night. Talice is quiet, snuggled in the heated doghouse, surely wondering about her new "vacation" digs, but we'll get her more acclimated to the place tomorrow in the daylight.  She does not like to come indoors, even into the garage where our pets hang out at night.  She is happy outdoors, so outdoors she is. She is a model traveler, and though she did offer up a few hound dog bays when she was investigating her temporary yard, and dog house, she ate well, drank happily and is now sleeping.

Jenn, on the other hand, called to tell me her flight has been delayed until 2 AM......

Simple Christmas Decorations in Gordonsville, VA


Gorges Smythe said...

It's always hurry-up and wait, isn't it. Just gotta catch your pleasures where ya can. Hope you and yours have a nice Christmas.

Sharon said...

I had trouble keeping up this morning, Has she even gotten near France?

It's really hard to say "Merry Christmas" when it sounds like "suck it up". I'm wishing you a Merry Christmas, as soon as she's in the air and has landed safely!

aswesow said...

Merry Christmas!

Judy's Corner said...

Thank you Gorges. I hope you and yours have a very nice Christmas as well!

Judy's Corner said...

Sharon, I don't know yet, whether she has made it to France. Last I heard from her, her flight had been delayed until 2AM, and it was supposed to be a direct flight.... waiting to hear from her.

I do wish you a Merry Christmas and a MUCH improved New Year ---

Guess I'd better head out and help split some wood... more snow predicted our way in the next couple of days.